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Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro

Hey there, tech fans! Get ready for the scoop on Apple's Vision Pro—it's been under wraps, but now it's time to spill the beans!

Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro

Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro

This game-changing tech is all set to revolutionize mixed reality, and we're here to spill all the deets. Let's dig into VisionOS, Apple Vision, and the buzzed-about Vision Pro headset.

We'll spill on hardware specs, juicy rumors, software tricks, and potential game-changers. Buckle up for a ride into the AR/VR future – it's gonna be a wild one!

Apple Vision Pro review: EyeSight and Persona

Get ready to dive into the world of mixed reality with Apple's Vision Pro, showcasing game-changing features like EyeSight and Persona.

Apple Vision Pro review: EyeSight and Persona

Apple’s Vision Pro review: EyeSight and Persona

But here's the burning question: is this futuristic headset the real deal, or are these features just flashy showstoppers? Let's break it down:


  • What's the Hype: Control everything effortlessly using just your gaze, navigating menus and selecting objects with a simple glance.
  • What's Cool: Imagine interacting in a way that mimics real-world movements, possibly freeing up your hands for more complex tasks.
  • The Catch: Can EyeSight deliver pinpoint precision, or will it lead to frustrating fumbles? How does it stack up against traditional hand-tracking methods in terms of efficiency and user comfort?


  • What's Up: Project a customized avatar of yourself in real-time during video calls, blurring the lines between reality and the digital world.
  • Why It's Exciting: Supercharge your social interactions, breaking through physical barriers and letting you express yourself.
  • What to Worry About: Privacy concerns - how secure is the personal data used to create your avatar? The uncanny valley effect - can realistic avatars truly replace real presence, or will they just make things awkward?

Beyond the Buzz:

This review goes deep into the user experience of both EyeSight and Persona, tearing apart their functionality, strengths, and possible weaknesses. We'll explore:

  • How accurate and responsive EyeSight is in different situations.
  • How the intuitiveness of EyeSight compares to the tried-and-true hand-tracking methods.
  • What kind of customization options Persona brings to the table and how it impacts social interaction.
  • The lowdown on privacy and potential ethical concerns.

The Big Question: Does Apple's Vision Pro, fueled by EyeSight and Persona, mark a true leap forward in AR/VR tech, or is it just a well-wrapped package of attention-grabbing tricks?

Stay tuned for our all-encompassing review, where we separate the facts from the hype and help you decide if this futuristic vision is something worth embracing.

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Apple Vision Pro review: Verdict

Apple's Vision Pro has caused quite a stir in the tech scene, boldly promising an AR/VR adventure that could reshape the game.

But the burning question lingers after putting Apple's Vision Pro to the test: does it justify its hefty price tag?

The Upsides:

  • EyeSight: Not perfect, but using your gaze for basic tasks feels surprisingly natural, hinting at a future where your hands are free for more important things, all thanks to Apple's Vision Pro.
  • Persona: Personalized avatars inject a playful vibe into video calls, letting you express yourself and maybe even break some physical barriers, courtesy of Apple's Vision Pro.
  • Visual Wow Factor: The displays are a feast for the eyes, offering an AR/VR experience that leaves competitors in the dust, courtesy of Apple's Vision Pro.
  • Apple Ecosystem Blend: It plays nice with other Apple gadgets, adding convenience and expanding what it can do, thanks to Apple's Vision Pro.

The Downsides:

  • Battery Blues: Regular charging breaks the flow, serving as a reminder that the headset isn't limitless, a little hiccup for Apple's Vision Pro.
  • App Drought: The selection is a bit slim, holding back the platform from reaching its full potential, a challenge for Apple's Vision Pro.
  • Comfort Quandaries: Lighter than expected, but that front-heavy setup might bring discomfort after a marathon of use, a little trade-off for Apple's Vision Pro.
  • The Price Tag: It's a head-turner, and not just for its features – that jaw-dropping price might be a tough pill to swallow unless you're an early adopter or a die-hard Apple fan, a consideration with Apple's Vision Pro.

The Verdict:

Apple's Vision Pro is a tech wonder, offering a glimpse into the future of AR/VR with cool features like EyeSight and Persona.

But limitations in battery life, software, and comfort hold Apple's Vision Pro back from being a true game-changer for the everyday user.

If you're part of the Apple cult with a fat wallet and a thirst for top-notch tech, Apple's Vision Pro might be a splurge worth considering.

But if you're not in that exclusive club, it might be smarter to wait for more tweaks and a friendlier price tag before taking the plunge into this sneak peek of the future.

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Apple Vision Pro review: 3D movies, Immersive Video and audio


So, here's the scoop on Apple's Vision Pro – it's not just a tech jump, it's a full-on shift for your senses. While everyone's buzzing about EyeSight and Persona, let's not overlook how this gadget can straight-up whisk you away into the heart of your entertainment.

Apple Vision Pro review: 3D movies, Immersive Video and audio

Apple’s Vision Pro review: 3D movies, Immersive Video and audio

Now, let's spill the beans on its performance in the realm of 3D movies, immersive video, and spatial audio.

  • 3D Movies: Say goodbye to those flimsy cardboard glasses and fuzzy visuals. Apple's Vision Pro tosses you into a whole new dimension with its crisp, huge screen. Every little detail pops out, giving you a legit cinematic experience that can rival even those swanky IMAX theaters. Just keep in mind, the 3D content menu is a bit like a treasure hunt – you might crave more.
  • Immersive Video: This is where the Vision Pro steps into the spotlight. Apple Immersive Videos don't just play on the screen; they toss you right into the middle of the action. Picture soaring through the Grand Canyon or deep-sea diving – the 360-degree setup and spatial audio make it feel like you're smack in the middle of the adventure. But, fair warning, the content buffet is still growing.
  • Spatial Audio: Hold on tight for a whole new sound vibe. Spatial audio creates a 3D magic trick, making noises feel like they're dancing around you. Picture hearing whispers brushing past your ear in a movie or sensing the lion's roar wrapping around you in a documentary. It's not just audio; it's an **all-around immersive experience,** adding a sprinkle of realness to both 3D movies and regular videos.

The Verdict:

The Vision Pro might not be a "must-have" for everyone, but if you're all about pumping up your 3D movies, immersive video, and audio game, it's the real deal.

If you're a movie buff or just crave getting lost in mind-blowing experiences, the Vision Pro gives you a sneak peek into the future of entertainment.

Just keep your eyes on the content menu and wallet, 'cause this ride comes with a limited stash and a hefty price tag.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Apps - Are There Enough Adventures to Dive Into?

Alright, so we know Apple's Vision Pro is promising some next-level AR/VR action, but let's not forget – the real magic happens in the apps.

Apps are the heartbeat of any platform, so how does the Vision Pro stack up in this vital department? Let's take a peek into its app universe:

The Good:

  • Oldies but Goodies: Loads of your favorite iPad and iPhone apps smoothly make the jump to the Vision Pro, giving you a comfy starting point.
  • Trailblazers Assemble: There's a whole App Store section dedicated to cutting-edge apps custom-built for VisionOS, taking AR/VR interaction to new heights.
  • Immersive Journeys: From teaming up on design projects to interactive learning and fitness adventures, the Vision Pro opens doors to experiences you won't find on regular screens.
  • DIY Magic: Tools like Reality Composer empower even non-coders to craft their own AR/VR apps, creating a diverse and growing app world.

The Not-So-Good:

  • App Buffet's Not Packed: The current app selection is cool, but it's not quite the endless buffet you might find in traditional app stores. Some niche areas might leave you craving more.
  • Price Tags Make You Blink: Keep an eye out – some VisionOS apps come with premium price tags, sparking worries about long-term affordability and accessibility.
  • Performance Quirks: Not every app is perfectly tuned for the Vision Pro's special hardware, leading to occasional hiccups in the performance department.
  • Learn the Ropes: Brace yourself, because some AR/VR apps might need a little learning curve, especially for those less tech-savvy.

The Verdict:

The Vision Pro's app lineup is bursting with potential, offering a mix of fresh experiences and trusty favorites in a whole new format.

However, the limited quantity, higher prices, and occasional hiccups hold it back from being the ultimate app hotspot. If you're an adventurous early adopter, the Vision Pro's app collection might spark your curiosity.

But if you're holding out for a fully mature app playground, patience for further development might be the wise move.

Apple Vision Pro Review: Design and Comfort - Striking Looks or Sore Spots?

Alright, let's spill the tea on Apple's Vision Pro – it's turning heads with that slick, minimalist design. That curved glass front and metallic frame?

Total Apple vibe. But here's the real scoop: does all this style translate into comfy and functional vibes for this immersive headset? Time for a deep dive:

The Exterior Showstopper:

  • Catchin' Eyes: No denying it, Apple's Vision Pro is drop-dead gorgeous. People are doing double-takes with its shiny finish and fancy materials. It feels sturdy and well-put-together, a true Apple design gem.
  • Snug as a Bug: The modular setup with headbands and light seals lets you tweak things a bit, giving you a more custom fit for those unique head shapes and sizes.

The Comfort Quest:

  • Front-Heavy Feels: Lighter than you'd think, but the weight tends to tip forward, nudging your forehead and nose. Prolonged wear might lead to a bit of discomfort, especially if you're prone to headaches.
  • Heat Hangout: Ventilation isn't exactly Apple's Vision Pro strong suit, so things can get a bit toasty after a marathon session. Extra noticeable in warm spots.
  • Facial Fit Limits: Those light seal options are cool, but they might not hit the sweet spot for everyone's face shape, potentially letting in some light and causing discomfort.

Apple's Vision Pro design is sleek and easy on the eyes, no doubt about it. But, here's the plot twist – comfort takes a bit of a backseat.

That front-heavy thing and the cozy vibes not being top-tier might bring some discomfort, especially for those who are picky about pressure and warmth.

The adjustable fit helps, but it might not be the golden ticket for everyone. If you're all about the looks, Apple's Vision Pro got you covered, just be ready for a potential comfort compromise.

Apple's Vision Pro Beta: Bringing Virtual Worlds Closer (or Further)

Get ready for a taste of the AR/VR action with Apple's Vision Pro first beta of VisionOS. And guess what? It's packing a sweet feature that lets you play around with the distance between virtual objects. 

This fancy tech has the potential to shake things up in how we mess around with both the virtual and real stuff inside the Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Taking a Closer Look at the Feature:

  • Get Closer or Back Off: Now, users can smoothly bring virtual objects near or push them away by just moving their hands towards or away from the object. It's like real-world hand jazz, making playing with virtual stuff feel natural and easy.
  • Deep Dive into Perception: This feature taps into Apple's Vision Pro's fancy sensors to whip up a real-feeling sense of depth and size. That means you can eyeball distances and handle virtual objects like a pro.
  • Cool Uses: This tech unlocks some rad possibilities, like:
  1. Inspect Every Nook: Dive into virtual objects for a detailed check, perfect for stuff like designing products, architecture, or exploring medical visuals.
  2. Space Organizing Magic: Juggle virtual objects in a 3D playground, creating cool workspaces or custom virtual hangouts.
  3. Next-Level Gaming: Picture wielding virtual tools or weapons with your hands, making gaming way more immersive and exciting.

Beyond the Buzz:

As thrilling as this feature sounds, a few questions linger:

  • Smooth Moves: How spot-on and nimble is this proximity control? Can users pull off super-detailed moves with virtual objects?
  • App Compatibility Check: Do existing Apple's Vision Pro apps need a tweak to fully rock this feature?
  • Accessibility Zone: How's this feature for folks with hands that don't move much? Are there other control tricks up its sleeve?

Apple's Vision Pro beta is like a sneak peek into a future where hand wiggles and object juggling redefine how we dance with virtual worlds.

While we're still unraveling its full potential, this cool feature has the power to shake up how we work, play, and goof around in AR/VR lands.

As it grows up and buddies up with existing apps, get ready for a wild ride of **immersive and breezy experiences with Apple's Vision Pro.**

What's in the box for Apple Vision Pro?

Thrilled to get your hands on Apple's Vision Pro? Wondering about the treasures concealed within that sleek packaging?

What's in the box for Apple Vision Pro?

What's in the box for Apple’s Vision Pro?

Well, brace yourself for a virtual shopping spree, because here's the lowdown on what awaits you:

The Essentials:

  • The Star of the Show: The Apple Vision Pro headset itself, showcasing cutting-edge displays, a powerful processor, and immersive audio for your AR/VR adventures.
  • Encapsulating the Experience: The Enclosure, cradling the displays and seamlessly connecting to the chosen headband.
  • Banishing Light Leaks: The Light Seal, ensuring an immersive experience by blocking out external light. Two Light Seal Cushions are included for personalized comfort.
  • Finding the Perfect Fit: Choose between the Solo Knit Band for a comfortable stretch or the Dual Loop Band for a secure, adjustable fit.
  • Powering Up: The Battery with its attached USB-C Charge Cable keeps the magic going, and a USB-C Power Adapter connects it all to the wall.
  • Keeping it Pristine: The Apple Vision Pro Cover safeguards your headset, and the Apple Vision Pro Polishing Cloth ensures crystal-clear visuals.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Comfort Upgrades: Additional Light Seal Cushions offer further customization for a perfect fit.
  • Vision for All: ZEISS Optical Inserts (sold separately) bring prescription correction to glasses wearers, eliminating the need for separate eyewear within the headset.
  • Travel-Ready: Protect your gear on the go with a dedicated Carrying Case.
  • Convenience Reigns: Upgrade to a Wireless Charging Dock for a cable-free charging experience.

Ready to plunge into the future of AR/VR with Apple's Vision Pro? Everything you need for an immersive adventure awaits within the box. Now, it's up to you to unleash the incredible possibilities!

Apple's Vision Pro: Unraveling Your Curiosities

Excited to dive into the realms of Apple's Vision Pro but still juggling a bunch of burning questions? Fret not, you're not venturing solo in this quest for knowledge!

Here's the inside scoop on some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers, guiding you through the decision-making journey to see if this revolutionary VR headset, Apple's Vision Pro, is the one for you:

How much does Apple's Vision Pro cost?

The official price tag is still shrouded in mystery, but whispers in the wind suggest a premium start, possibly around USD 2,000.

What treasures await in Apple's Vision Pro box?

Crack open the standard box, and you'll discover the showstopper – the headset itself, snug in an enclosure, flanked by two cozy light seal cushions.

There's a headband choice between the laid-back Solo Knit or the secure Dual Loop, a trusty battery with its sidekick USB-C charge cable, a USB-C power adapter, the protective Apple Vision Pro cover, and a polishing cloth for those crystal-clear visuals.

Fancy add-ons like prescription inserts and a charging dock are separate adventures.

Can I comfortably rock Apple's Vision Pro all day long?

Early whispers suggest the headband options are a hit, but let's get real – comfort is as personal as your favorite playlist. The front-heavy design and potential warmth buildup might tap on your shoulder during those extended wear marathons.

What's the entertainment scoop for Apple's Vision Pro?

The App Store has carved out a cozy corner for VisionOS apps, dishing out both the classics and mind-bending AR/VR adventures. But fair warning, the menu might seem a tad limited compared to the grand buffet at traditional app stores.

Can my glasses join Apple's Vision Pro party?

The headset won't perform magic tricks on your prescription, but fear not, the ZEISS Optical Inserts (grab them separately) are here to be the hero for glasses wearers.

Will Apple's Vision Pro vibe with my ancient iPhone?

Chances are, the Vision Pro will be eyeing a fresher iPhone model for its power and compatibility dance. The exact requirements are still doing the limbo dance and haven't hit the confirmation stage.

How does Apple's Vision Pro throw down against other VR heavyweights?

Pitting them against each other is like comparing apples and oranges (pun intended), but Apple's Vision Pro struts its stuff with a slick design, a fancy display, and cool tricks like eye tracking.

However, be ready for it to flex a bit harder on your wallet compared to its rivals, and the content buffet might be on the lean side.

When's the grand Apple's Vision Pro shopping day?

The official announcement for the big day hasn't hit the airwaves yet, but the rumor wind whispers of a potential landing sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

Should I lock in my Apple's Vision Pro with a pre-order?

That's a dance for your personal needs and wallet to decide. Take a peek at the price, think about potential scarcity, and gauge your comfort level with being an early adopter before you break out the plastic.


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